Roadmap to Revitalization: The National Brownfields Conference

May 5-7, 2008
Detroit, MI
Don’t miss this FREE conference. It’s the largest and most comprehensive conference focused on cleaning up and redeveloping abandoned, underutilized, and potentially contaminated properties in the nation. There’s plenty to take advantage of, including the 130+ educational and learning opportunities, outstanding plenary sessions, huge exhibition hall, scores of networking events, special training sessions, film screenings, and book signings.

Brownfields are rural or urban industrial commercial sites that are abandoned or underused because of real or perceived contamination. Communities across the country face the challenge of putting these idle sites back to work, from old industrial cities with thousands of acres of abandoned factories to rural villages built around derelict mines or timber mills. Brownfields are a valuable community resource that through redevelopment and reuse could easily bring important benefits to many economically depressed communities or serve as the centerpiece in comprehensive redevelopment strategies.
There are plenty of ways that individuals and organizations can take advantage of all the educational and networking opportunities that Brownfields 2008 will present. Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of economic and environmental redevelopment, or a seasoned professional looking to make new connections and increase your business Brownfields 2008 offers something for you.
For more information, visit the National Brownfields Conference.