ServiceNation Day of Action

September 27, 2008
National Campaign
Two weeks after the ServiceNation Summit, ServiceNation will engage tens of thousands of Americans in hundreds of events across he country, in a national Day of Action to celebrate service and showcase its impact and potential. Anyone can create an event or attend an existing event. To date, nearly 900 Day Of Action events have been created across all 50 states.

Following the Day of Action, ServiceNation will lead supporters of service in a year-long campaign to inspire Americans to: support the expansion of voluntary community and national service opportunities and the use of proven service strategies to target chronic social problems; and to make service a core ideal of their civic engagement. As part of that campaign, the leaders and citizens of ServiceNation will call on the next president and Congress to enact by September 11, 2009 the legislation needed to bring about a new era of voluntary service in America.
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