ServiceNation Summit

September 11-12, 2008
New York, NY
ServiceNation will launch with a bipartisan summit, which will bring together hundreds of leading Americans to lay out a bold policy blueprint, promote new service legislation from Senators Kennedy and Hatch that will bring forth a new era of service in America, and promulgate a Declaration on Service which any and all Americans can sign to show their support for the idea that voluntary service can strengthen our democracy and help build a better future.

The Summit will also provide an opportunity for leaders from various sectors to announce and highlight new service commitments such as the Duke Engage Service Program, Gov. Schwarzenegger elevating his service director to Cabinet Status, AARP launching a major new service initiative by its millions of members, and the Case Foundation announcing a major new billion dollar pro bono commitment by a number of companies that it is helping to organize.
To kick off the ServiceNation Summit, Senators McCain and Obama will participate in a presidential candidates forum on service the night of September 11, to be moderated by TIME Manging Editor Richard Stengel. The purpose of the forum is to allow both candidates to discuss their views on service and civic engagement in the post-9/11 world, and lay out their ideas for the role of service in America going forward.
9/11 is very significant as a historic catalyst in helping to reignite the urgency and importance of service in America, demonstrating in a very dark moment in our history that hope and opportunity can always exist when Americans are united in the spirit of service and compassion. ServiceNation joins with many other organizations in supporting the call that Americans observe 9/11 each year by engaging in voluntary service, and that 9/11 be proclaimed a national day of service.
On September 12, the Summit will be opened by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and brought to a close by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the first governor to make volunteer and service commissioner a cabinet level post.
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