Smart Growth and Green Building in the Media

March 18, 2009
Washington, DC
A decade ago, the frequency of the terms “smart growth” and “green building” used in popular media could be measured in single digits. Now they are considered mainstream as shorthand for a different approach to growth and development. Haya El Nasser, Staff Reporter for USA Today and frequent writer on growth issues, will discuss these shifts and the prospects for coverage of new and emerging issues related to growth in the future.

Does this reflect a shift in the national consciousness about how and where communities grow? To what degree does it signal a willingness in the market for an alternative to the conventional suburban real estate product? How many Americans have made the connection between where they live, how they get around, and the environmental challenges we now face on a global scale?
This free, lunchtime talk is part of the Smart Growth Speaker Series, now in its 12th year. No registration is required.
Time: 12:30-1:30pm
Location: National Building Museum, 401 F Street, N.W. (Judiciary Square Metro)
The Smart Growth Speaker Series is free. No registration required.
The Smart Growth Speaker Series is sponsored by the U.S. EPA, ICMA, the National Building Museum and the Smart Growth Network. Smart growth is development that serves the economy, community, and environment. The series hosts speakers on monthly basis to discuss this approach to development, explore specific growth-related issues, foster dialog, and identify opportunities for positive change in growth and development patterns.
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