Society of American Foresters 2013 National Convention

October 23-27, 2013
North Charleston, SC

Join the conversation about the roots and growth of the science of silviculture in the US and discuss its future as the tool of choice for people who manage forests for diverse objectives.

In 1903 at the first National Convention of the Society of American Foresters in Washington, D.C., President Theodore Roosevelt challenged our young profession to implement a vast program of practical forestry on a large scale, to ensure sustainable forests and the values they provide for a growing nation. Over the ensuing century, the actions of a committed profession have enabled exactly that to occur by applying the art and science of silviculture – through enviable scientific advances in high-yield plantation silviculture, as well as the growing sophistication and complexity of silvicultural systems for natural forest ecosystems.

These advances have not been without controversy, as the profession and the public have debated both the objectives and the tactics of modern forestry. As we highlight silviculture as the central focus of contemporary forest management for diverse stewardship values, we recognize that its practice depends on all forest sciences, ranging from basic biology to human dimensions.

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