STRATUM Training

November 27, 2007
Washington, DC
Learn how to evaluate the benefits of street trees in your municipality using i-Tree tools. This event is in cooperation with MDDNR, The City of Baltimore, Baltimore Parks and People, DDOT Urban Forestry Administration, Fairfax County, MW COG, and Casey Trees.

The i-Tree suite of software tools was developed to help users-regardless of community size or technical capacity-identify and manage the structure, function, and value of urban tree populations. The STRATUM application specifically utilizes sample or complete tree inventory data to focus on the benefits of street trees.
Municipalities in the metro Washington, DC area are seeing the potential benefits of using i-Tree software to quantify the value of their urban forests. The cities of Baltimore, Hyattsville, and Washington, DC have gained experience implementing STRATUM projects. This training will provide a forum for the coordinators of these projects (and several others) to share their knowledge with you.
Coffee and a snack will be provided in the morning, followed by a light lunch in the afternoon. The cost is $25 per attendee payable via the registration website. The session will be 9am to 2pm at: 3rd Floor COG Board Room, 777 North Capitol Street, N.E., Suite 300.
To register, visit STRATUM Training or contact Mike Alonzo of Casey Trees at 202-349-1897.