Sustainable Albuquerque

October 23, 2007
National Webcast
Interested in an update on North American green roof and green wall activities? Ever heard of the “Sustainable Albuquerque” initiative? And did you know that the weather report is the top reason people watch the news and that there’s an environmental training program for broadcast meteorologists that’s developing a curriculum that includes UHI?

Draft Agenda:
* Green Roof and Green Walls. Jennifer Sprout, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, will briefly explain green roof and green wall technologies and provide an overview of the green roof and wall market, including an update on policy activities, challenges, and successes. More information at:
* Sustainable Albuquerque – and Urban Forestry. John O’Connell and Nick Kuhn, City of Albuquerque’s Environmental Health Department, will discuss their city’s unique approach to urban forestry as a remediation and health effort within the Sustainable Albuquerque initiative. More information at:
* Earth Gauge. Sara Espinoza, National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), will tell us about the Earth Gauge program, where NEEF works with the American Meteorological Society to facilitate the evolution of broadcast meteorologists – highly trusted public figures- into “station scientists,” who can expertly cover and related environmental information to their viewers. Work is underway to develop an on-line course on weather and the built environment, including an urban heat island chapter. More information at:
Call-in number: 866-299-3188
Passcode: 202-343-9343#
If you’re interested in hearing more, please join the next UHI conference call 2:00-3:30 EDT. You must RSVP to Eva Wong.