The Livable City: Integrating Green & Gray Infrastructure

August 1, 2013
Beverly Hills, CA

Imagine what your city would be like with a green filter. What if new developments and redevelopments were designed with the people and the environments they live in as the first priority? Integrating green solutions to traditionally gray infrastructure issues has proven to be more cost-effective, sustainable, and beneficial for the people who live and work nearby.

Join us on August 1 at the TreePeople Conference Center in LA to hear from cities and organizations that are creating livable cities one project at a time. Our speakers will present case studies of projects that have integrated water quantity and collection, public health, crime reduction, job creation, and energy conservation with tree planting and tree care in their urban forests. This workshop will help you learn the language and build the resources you need to join forces with other sectors throughout your community.

Did I mention that it’s only $25?

There are only a limited number of spaces available, so make sure you register by Wednesday, July 24 to secure your spot. Your lunch and an end-of-day happy hour are included in the registration price.

Don’t miss these speakers:

Deborah Deets, City of LA
Robert Gutierrez, City of LA
Sandy Bonilla, Southern California Mountains Foundation
Cindy Blain, Sacramento Tree Foundation
Katherine Ramirez, Urban Corps of San Diego County
Kevin O’Donnell, US Forest Service, LA Urban Center for Natural Resources Sustainability

Register Now.

If you have any questions about the workshop, please feel free to contact me at (916) 497-0037. Otherwise, I hope to see you in Los Angeles!