Tree Sales and Giveaways

May 15, 2008
National Webcast
Tree giveaways and sales are a great way to engage a broad segment of the community including individual residents, neighborhood organizations, affordable housing agencies, schools, and civic groups. They’re also a profitable way to raise funds for efforts to work with these same constituencies. Partnership opportunities don’t stop there, though. Businesses can be a distribution point, university agricultural programs can partner as holding stations, volunteers can run the event, and elected leaders may want to link-up on canopy cover goals.

Downloadable Resources:
Tree Sales and Giveaways Resource List
Trees Atlanta’s Information for Tree Sale Volunteers
The Park People’s Sapling in the City
Greg Levine, Program Director, Trees Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)
This October, Trees Atlanta will host their 9th Annual Tree Sale. The fundraiser, which raises $12,000- 25,000 annually to benefit NeighborWoods tree planting projects in Atlanta, offers more than a thousand plants with 200 species of trees, shrubs, and tree-friendly vines for purchase by the public. Native trees are the focus, but many rare and unusual exotic trees are available as well. Trees Atlanta carefully selects exotics such as china fir, Chinese fringe, parrotia, fragrant snowbell and yellow-flowering magnolias. On the day of the sale, Trees Atlanta incorporates volunteers in the roles of cashier, tree expert, shopping assistant, information table, pickup areas, hold areas, tree reorganizing, and traffic.
Patrick Hayes, Executive Director, The Park People (Denver, CO)
Denver Digs Trees provides low-cost and free (for low-income residents) trees for planting along the streets of the city and county of Denver. The program has added more than 28,000 public trees to Denver since 1989. In 2007, the project planted and cared for 2,500 trees. They offer bareroot and balled-and-burlap varieties of about twenty species for pickup at one of six parks or nurseries. More than 300 volunteers make it happen.
Brown Bag attendees will learn:
* How to start a similar program what partnerships are key.
* Stocking a variety theme (ex. drought-tolerant shade trees, rare color varieties, and delicious fruit trees).
* Siting and landscape inspections.
* Municipal requirements such as spacing and planting location guidelines.
* Tree care training and maintenance responsibilities.
* Cost and coverage.
* Financial sustainability.
About the Brown Bag Lunch Series
The Brown Bag Lunch Series is the Alliance for Community Trees’ monthly webcast series held at the lunch hour and made possible through support from The Home Depot Foundation and USDA Forest Service. The goal is to create informal training opportunities for local urban and community forestry organizations. The content is geared to mainly serve the needs of volunteer organizations and community groups, although webcasts are open to all.
The trainings leverage local successes by amplifying to a larger audience the model organizations’ methods, materials, and approaches. Sessions are planned to last no more than one hour, with two presenters speaking on the same topic from slightly different perspectives, each for 10-15 minutes, followed by 10-15 minutes of questions and answers.