Trees and Utilities National Conference

April 7-9, 2008
Orlando, FL
Over the past 15 years, the Trees & Utilities National Conference has been an important educational event in the utility arboricultural industry. This year’s conference will continue that tradition by focusing on some of the most important issues facing the industry today. You’ll hear the benefits of utilities working in partnership with the communities they serve. You’ll hear about some new trends on the regulatory front. You’ll learn about some best practices being implemented by utility vegetation management programs.

On top of these timely issues, a broad agenda will showcase exemplary efforts in public education, public relations and communication, tree planting and care, and other vegetation management issues. The Trees & Utilities National conference is a mix of education, networking and collaboration as we search for new ideas, practices, and partnerships that can enhance the growth and maintenance of an abundant community forest while providing safe, reliable utility services.
Why You Should Attend in 2008
* You’ll learn about innovative communications, public relations, and education efforts undertaken by other utilities and communities.
* You’ll see exemplary programs for tree planting and vegetation management.
* You’ll exchange ideas and perspectives with other professionals interested in utility arboriculture and community tree management.
* You’ll hear experiences and benefits from utilities participating in the Tree Line USA recognition program.
* Spend an extra day or two and enjoy the city of Orlando. An optional tour to Kennedy Space Center is available on Sunday, and a variety of activities are available for spouses and families while you attend the conference.
The meeting site in Orlando offers great space for our meeting and exhibitors, a competitive room rate, and a location in a city known for inexpensive air transportation, especially if your make your arrangements early.
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