Urban and Rural Temperature Trends and Impacts of Climate Change and Urbanization on Building Performance

April 29, 2008
National Webcast
The Urban Heat Island workgroup will host a webcast on April 29, 2008 from 2:00pm to 3:30pm EST. Presenters include: Dr. Brian Stone discussing his research comparing rates of change in temperature in proximity to large U.S. cities over five decades, Dru Crawley will provide an overview of global and local climate change impacts on building performance as well as discuss the Energy+ Building Simulation tool, and Sara Espinoza will announce the completion of the free, on-line UHI course.

* Webcast Logistics – (5 minutes)
* Urban and Rural Temperature Trends – Dr. Brian Stone, Assistant Professor in the City and Regional Planning Program at the Georgia Institute of Technology. (25 minutes w/5 minutes Q&A)
* Impacts of Climate Change and Urbanization on Building Performance- Dru Crawley, Team Leader- Department of Energy Commercial Buildings R&D. (25 minutes w/5 minutes Q&A)
* Earth Gauge- UHI Course- Sara Espinoza, National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF). (5 minutes w/5 minutes Q&A)
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