Urban Heat Island Conference Call

July 31, 2007
National Conference Call
Ever wondered what the difference is between Landsat, ASTER, Quickbird, LiDar, and other data used to characterize land cover? Curious about the methods and tools researchers use to assess urban heat islands? Interested in hearing more about excessive heat events and the programs local governments are investing in to reduce or prevent heat-related deaths? If you’d like to learn more about any of these topics, please join the next urban heat island conference call from 2:00-3:30 EST.

* Remote Sensing of Land Cover in Urban Environments. Dr. Nicholas Goodwin, University of British Columbia, will provide an overview of the types of land cover mapping applications that are possible using passive optical and LiDAR technologies as well as introduce the basic concepts relating to these two different remote sensing technologies.
* Overview of Urban Heat Island Assessments. Dr. Jamie Voogt, University of Western Ontario, will discuss tools and methods used to assess urban heat islands.
* Urban Heat and Health. Jason Samenow, US Environmental Protection Agency, will present a summary of heat-health research, highlight steps localities are undertaking to cope with heat waves, and discuss a multi-agency Excessive Heat Events Guidebook.
To register, contact:
Eva Wong
Program Manager, U.S. EPA
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