Utilizing Urban Wood Webcast- Part II

April 24, 2008
National Webcast
The US Forest Service Wood Education Resource Center, Mid-Atlantic Center for Urban and Community Forestry, and Parks & People Foundation are working in partnership to host two webcasts related to utilizing urban wood. The webcast is at 11am EST.

Sam Sherrill, Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati, will share many excellent examples of what can be done with urban lumber and innovative ways it has been harvested. Learn about valuable uses of individual species, species of interest, and specifications on harvesting urban logs.
The second half of the presentation provides the first overview of a study by David MacFarlane, Michigan State University, Measures of Wood Resources in Lower Michigan: Wood Residues and the Saw Timber Content of Urban Forests, that calculates the urban forest saw log content of wood within a 13-county area encompassing Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Lansing, MI.
For more information, visit the Forest Service Wood Education Resource Center.